Haleakala National Park

Town viewLocated in the east central part of Maui is Haleakala National Park and the high volcanic mountain range of Haleakala Mountain.  The park takes up about half the land mass on the eastern section of the island.  Main road, route 37 leads to route 378 and winds about 22 miles to the summit at Red Hill Overlook that is 10,023 in elevation and a cool 55 degrees compared to the flat land temperature of 86.  The volcanic nature of the park has a stark desert like feel to it with very little vegetation, and no trees, to accent the rock. 

The flowers we photographed were striking in color and had a delicate look.  Not cactus or petunia, somewhat closer to a begonia.  We spent all day touring, reading and photographing everything we could in this national park.Nat Pk
Prior to leaving Haleakala National Park, Diane suggested stopping at the highly rated Mama’s Fish House. 

Mama’s Fish House is located just east of Pā ìa on route 36.  Diane called an hour prior to our arrival, set a reservation, and we were seated immediately.  The place is one of the “not to miss” places on the island of Maui.  Every table was filled to capacity and there was a waiting line.  The mood feeling and decor reflect all that is Hawaii and the food was extraordinary as was the service.  The restaurant is set back from the ocean by a wide sand beach, palm trees and benches Mamato sit on, all to take in the cresting waves and fragrances.  We savored the moment and took the opportunity to obtain some pictures.  I don’t think it’s hyperbole to suggest the sights and sounds of this magnificent restaurant would be a perfect setting for a Hollywood island movie.  To see a slideshow of our daytrip click here.